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There's nothing quite so amazing as watching little minds learn. As a parent or carer it can be confusing where you should even start!

From preschool to big school, early education and educators, Feed Play Love regularly explores latest news and issues with informed educators and expert recommendations.

Hosted by Shevonne Hunt, keep up to date with the latest research and studies as well as simple and straight forward tactics to ensure your child has the best foundation for learning as they grow.

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Awesome educational apps for school starters

Macquarie University’s early childhood technology expert Kate Highfield picks fun educational apps to help kids through their first year of school Her picks include counting app Up to 100, the…
12 mins

Students ask politicians: what about our future?

Kinderling Radio teamed up with Crinkling Newspaper to gather together a forum with a difference. Three political leaders: Deputy Leader of the Coalition, Barnaby Joyce, Co-Deputy of the Greens
11 mins

Exploring the environment and sustainability through children's books

Jeannie Baker has been making children's books for over 30 years, and in that time she's won a stack of awards. Jeannie's books are a combination of children's stories, education about the environment…
15 mins

Why poetry is great for young children

Lilly Blue is the Head of Creative Learning at The Red Room Company. For her, poetry and language is the gateway to creativity and a passion for learning. Find out…
13 mins

What is a mindful family?

The phrase “mindful family” might make you think of a group of zen monks living peacefully on a mountain far far away. It sounds removed from a lot of family…
10 mins

Crinkling news this week

Saffron Howden, editor of the first Australian newspaper just for children, brings us the best stories from this week’s edition. Today she explains the NBN, a family of four…
9 mins