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There's nothing quite so amazing as watching little minds learn. As a parent or carer it can be confusing where you should even start!

From preschool to big school, early education and educators, Feed Play Love regularly explores latest news and issues with informed educators and expert recommendations.

Hosted by Shevonne Hunt, keep up to date with the latest research and studies as well as simple and straight forward tactics to ensure your child has the best foundation for learning as they grow.

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Books to help kids settle in at school and dealing with parental stress

Starting school or daycare is an exciting transition for young children. To help ease your little one into it smoothly we've enlisted the help of Amelia Lush, Children's Book…
31 mins

Beating separation anxiety at big school

The first day of school is a huge one for kids and parents alike. We speak to psychologist and parenting author Jodie Benveniste about how it can affect both sides…
11 mins

Helping your child transition to 'big school'

Big school can be a huge step for kids. If your child is about to leave you at the gate to hit the handball courts at big lunch, we've got…
33 mins

Great educational toys for Christmas

We love gifts that expand a child’s mind as much as their toy box. As Christmas bears down on us like runaway sleigh, we chat to Sonja Walker, Founder and…
13 mins

The best music apps for young minds

There’s more to your smartphone than just Angry Birds or Candy Crush! In our final instalment of our Why Music Is Essential For Kids series, we take a long, fun…
11 mins

What musical instrument is right for your child

What instruments are best for children who want to start playing music? We speak to music aficionados like Ting Lee, Program Officer for the Open Academy’s Kids at the…
16 mins