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How to treat summer bites and stings

What happens if you get bitten by a bee or or stung by a jellyfish? Sarah Hunstead from CPR Kids tells us how to be prepared if you or your child…
14 mins

Keeping children’s private parts healthy

Taking care of your child’s private parts is not something we talk about a lot, so we asked GP Dr Elysia Thornton-Benko from Bondi Road Doctors about the basic things we…
16 mins

Putting the brakes on travel sickness

Are you heading off on a road trip these Christmas holidays? Do you have a small child who gets carsick? Dr Elysia Thornton-Benko from Bondi Road Doctors explains how to manage…
9 mins

Sun protection for babies and toddlers

Can you put sun cream on babies? Can you let them run nude on the beach? Sarah Hunstead from CPR Kids takes us through how to protect your children this…
15 mins

Why you need a good family doctor

How do you find a family healthcare professional that suits your health needs? Sarah Hunstead from CPR Kids answers this and explains why families need a good GP.
9 mins

Hazards in our handbags and manbags

What are the everyday items we carry with us that can be dangerous for kids? McKeely Maney, Child Injury Prevention Project Officer for Kidsafe South Australia, takes us through…
9 mins