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How to get your family through a worm invasion

Dr. Elysia Thornton-Benko from Bondi Road Doctors explains how to spot when your child has worms, and what to do about it.
8 mins

What to do when gastro hits your family

Gastro is a nasty business. Not only is it far from glamorous, but it can take hit your whole family at once if you're not vigilant Dr. Natalie Caristo from…
8 mins

What to do when conjunctivitis turns up at your place

Dr. Elysia Thornton Benko from Bondi Road Doctors joins Shevonne to talk about the misconceptions about conjunctivitis, and what to do if your child comes home with the condition.
9 mins

How to protect your family from influenza this winter

Dr. Natalie Caristo takes us through the dangers of the flu and how we can keep our families healthy this winter.
5 mins

How to tell if your child has tonsillitis

Is tonsillitis contagious? What does it look like and how can we help our children feel more comfortable when they’ve got a sore throat Dr. Elysia Thornton-Benko from Bondi Road…
10 mins

Lessening the fear around asthma

There’s nothing quite as scary as having a child who isn’t breathing properly. Dr Natalie Caristo demystifies the causes and symptoms of asthma so that you can be more empowered…
5 mins