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Mothercraft nurse and author of Bringing Baby Home, Chris Minogue answers your tricky child questions every Friday at 11:30am via Facebook Live with our friends at Babyology.

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Kinderling Helpline: musical beds, swearing and Christmas sleep arrangements

How can you un-teach swear words? What do you do with kids’ sleeping arrangements when the family comes to stay at Christmas? Mothercraft Nurse Chris Minogue advises parents how best…
9 mins

Kinderling Helpline: Controlled crying, toilet mishaps, dining plans + more

Chris Minogue, a Mothercraft nurse, advises new mum Ruby what to expect from her 2-week-old angelically sleeping baby, ways to use ‘controlled crying’ effectively, how to help a four-year-old…
12 mins

Kinderling Helpline: spotty nappy rash, beach phobias, and summer sleeping

Giving her parenting advice to all our queries is Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue, explaining how to treat spotty bottoms, re-introducing a toddler to the beach, and summer solutions to…
11 mins

Kinderling Helpline: clingy 2 year olds, cat napping and cot longevity

Mothercraft Nurse, Chris Minogue has over 30 years experience working with families, babies and young children. Today she advises what to do when a 2 year old suddenly becomes clingy…
12 mins

Kinderling Helpline: when kids play favourites & avoiding dream feeds

Mothercraft Nurse, Chris Minogue, gives advice about how to settle a 6 month old without feeding them to sleep and how to adjust that same baby’s sleep times for…
12 mins

Kinderling Helpline: best of highlights (sleep rhythms)

Here are some of Chris Minogue's Kinderling Helpline golden nuggets of information, including managing sleep rhythms for littlies.  Got a question? Email or text your question to 0437 665 200.
15 mins