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Parents and carers are the foundation of any family.

After all, to look after kids, you need to look after yourself too.

In the Feed Play Love podcast, hosted by Shevonne Hunt, here is where you'll find the latest information on grown-up stuff, friendly advice, and personal stories as well as experts tackling the raft of issues facing modern parents.

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Inside the Making Families Happy TV show with psychologist Clare Rowe

The ABC’s new show Making Families Happy follows three families in their pursuit of happiness. Over eight weeks, they take part in an intensive program aimed at improved their communications…
14 mins

Discussing disaster and loss with your kids

How do you talk to kids about the dark side of life, like death, loss and natural disasters like bushfires or earthquakes? Just how honest should you be? Coming into…
11 mins

Why the Nappy Drive is so important

We speak to Sandra Jacobs, founder and chairperson of The Nappy Collective, about their current Nappy Drive campaign that calls on parents to donate unwanted nappies to those who…
9 mins

Discussing the tragedy of stillborn

In Australia six babies are stillborn every day. It’s a devastating topic to discuss, so we chat to Karen Miles from CHILD Magazine about supporting parents going through the heartbreak…
8 mins

National Carers Week special: Meeting Mary

We meet Mary who’s 16 years old and along with her mum, cares for her father and younger brother. She’s just one of 300,000 young carers around Australia looking after…
7 mins

Justine Clarke talks music, Play School and dad crushes

On the eve of her tour, the singer/actress discusses making her latest album Pyjama Jam, balancing music with being a mum and her biggest dad fans. Here's our five favourite…
21 mins