Screen Free Challenge

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The Screen Free Challenge is back for 2017! 

Kinderling Conversation is bringing you heaps of expert tips and idea for putting the screens down for an hour, a day or whatever suits your family.

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More Screen Free Challenge features

7 tips for playing as a family with building blocks and imagination

It’s no secret that kids love building things and knocking them down, but if you don’t think it’s actually helpful, Karen Bevan, ex-CEO of Playgroup NSW will set you straight…
13 mins

Alan Brough on digital orphans and why it's good to be bored

READING is our screen-free focus this week and it’s no surprise that this is one of Alan Brough’s favourite screen free activities Alan Brough is a comedian, actor and author…
12 mins

Anna Fienberg on Tashi’s mystical world

Once you’ve seen a Tashi picture book, it’s hard not to be captivated by the mystical, beautiful land he lives in. Co-author Anna Fienberg talks about the Tashi series, the stunning…
12 mins

Surviving this year's Book Week Parade

It’s National Book Week, which means parents across the country will be gathering all sorts of random items from the backs of cupboards to create some form of parade costume…
10 mins

Book Week winner Anna Walker tackles gloomy emotions

Author and illustrator Anna Walker has won the Early Learning Children’s Book of the Year Award for Mr. Huff. Stemming from her own anxious emotions and gloomy days, she…
4 mins

Welcome to Children’s Book Week 2016!

Why is Book Week important? How can you help your child love reading? And how can you it encourage their creative imagination? From August 20 – 26, we’re celebrating Children’s…
9 mins