Kids' Health Summer Series: How to avoid food poisoning like the plague

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Wed 4 October 2017

8 mins

Even the best of us can contract food poisoning despite our valiant efforts, and that includes kids too.

Sarah Hunstead from CPR Kids gives us the lowdown on how it happens and what to do to prevent vomiting!

Particularly in the warmer months, having a picnic in the sun is common, with meals sitting out in the sun all day.

But when we let food warm up in the sun, a plethora of bacteria start growing in there, Sarah explains. So even if you re-cool the dish in the fridge, the damage is done. Foods like seafood are particularly prone to this, so once ingested you can be poisoned. This could be within 24 hours, but it could be later, depending on the organism that's crept in.

Sarah recommends doing three things to avoid food poisoning:

1. Sniff your food

While many packaged foods have best before and use by dates, sometimes it’s best to use your nose. If it smells wrong, don’t eat it or drink it!

2. Chat to your supplier

Particularly with fresh food like seafood, chat with whoever is selling it to you. Ask questions, like how fresh is it? How do I store it? How long have I got to eat it?

3. Know food authority recommendations

Sarah recommends checking out the food authority for your state. Each one has resources for recommended food temperatures and how long you should keep certain dishes out for (the NSW site is quite helpful).

And if in doubt, chuck it out!

For more info, listen to the full interview above.

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