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Looking for Kinderling Conversation? Our awesome show for parents and carers has had an exciting make-over!

You'll now find Kinderling Conversation under a brand new name, Feed Play Love.

While the show is no longer being played on the Kinderling Kids Radio airwaves you can still find brand new episodes and interviews under the new name wherever you get your podcasts.

Feed Play Love is a bite-sized parenting podcast that puts expert advice and real-life stories in your pocket and hosted by mum-of-two, Shevonne Hunt.

Finding time for yourself with young children is a challenge, so interviews are easily accessible with each segment kept short so time-poor parents can easily get what they need, no matter how little ‘me-time’ they have.

Episodes cover everything from practical tips on weaning and managing toddler tantrums, to keeping relationships strong. Feed Play Love is all about helping parents thrive, not just survive.

Find Feed Play Love wherever you find your podcasts.

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Catch up on the latest episodes

Mon 13 June 2016

33 mins
Featured the following interviews

What is a mindful family?

The phrase “mindful family” might make you think of a group of zen monks living peacefully on a mountain far far away. It sounds removed from a lot of family…
10 mins

Avoiding childcare lurgies and moving toddlers from cot to bed

Mothercraft Nurse Chris Minogue has over 20 years experience helping families with young children. This week she answers listener questions about avoiding childcare lurgies, moving toddlers from cot to bed…
8 mins

Legal rights for lesbian couples using donor sperm to start a family

Many lesbian couples choose a friend to donate sperm in order to have a family, unaware of how this might complicate their own family dynamic later down the track. Learn…
13 mins

Fri 10 June 2016

29 mins
Featured the following interviews

Accepting your changed body after having a baby

Babies change a lot of things, including how we look physically after birth, and it can take a good while to adjust to your post-baby body.  Hear Ginny Lindsay,…
12 mins

Tara Winkler on why orphanage tourism has to stop

What were you doing when you were 21? Tara Winkler was setting up the Cambodian Children's Trust orphanage to save fourteen children.  Years later, however, she discovered the orphanage industry was…
15 mins

Thu 9 June 2016

31 mins
Featured the following interviews

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons opens up classical music to children

Research has shown that music has an incredible impact on a growing brain. The Sydney Opera House has created a series of events that introduce children under five to the…
13 mins

Parents caring for children with special needs need time out too

When Garth Thomas found out his daughter was on the autism spectrum, he worried what her future would look like. Then he found MyTime, a support for parents with children who…
16 mins

Wed 8 June 2016

26 mins
Featured the following interviews

Playschool legend Don Spencer talks music and children

You might know Don Spencer as one of the original Playschool Presenters and he was on the show for over 30 years. Don talks about why music for…
11 mins

Alison Bell on The Let Down and finding the humour in parenthood

The Let Down is a TV comedy written by two mums that skates so close to reality, it’s both hilarious and painful. Actor and co-creator Alison Bell talks about the…
13 mins

Tue 7 June 2016

27 mins
Featured the following interviews

Finding your mum tribe with Child magazine's Karen Miles

Mother’s groups can be a blessing or a curse. This month’s edition of CHILD gives some great pointers on how you can find the group that best suits you. Karen
10 mins

Crinkling news this week

Saffron Howden, editor of the first Australian newspaper just for children, brings us the best stories from this week’s edition. Today she explains the NBN, a family of four…
9 mins

Croup: what it is and how to treat it

The winter months can bring on more cases of croup. Sarah Hunstead, director of CPR kids, takes us through what to watch out for and how to treat it.  Check out CPR…
7 mins

Mon 6 June 2016

28 mins
Featured the following interviews

Kinderling Helpline: restless 2yr old sleeper, dropping day naps and moving to formula

Is your 2-year-old unsettled and waking through the night? Are you unsure of when to drop your child's day sleep? Mothercraft Nurse Chris Minogue has some great advice on dealing…
11 mins

Labor's childcare plan revealed

Jo Briskey, Executive Director of The Parenthood explains the details of Labor's planned $3.1 billion investment into childcare if re-elected at the polls on July 2.
8 mins