Great podcasts for parents and carers

Looking for Kinderling Conversation? Our awesome show for parents and carers has had an exciting make-over!

You'll now find Kinderling Conversation under a brand new name, Feed Play Love.

While the show is no longer being played on the Kinderling Kids Radio airwaves you can still find brand new episodes and interviews under the new name wherever you get your podcasts.

Feed Play Love is a bite-sized parenting podcast that puts expert advice and real-life stories in your pocket and hosted by mum-of-two, Shevonne Hunt.

Finding time for yourself with young children is a challenge, so interviews are easily accessible with each segment kept short so time-poor parents can easily get what they need, no matter how little ‘me-time’ they have.

Episodes cover everything from practical tips on weaning and managing toddler tantrums, to keeping relationships strong. Feed Play Love is all about helping parents thrive, not just survive.

Find Feed Play Love wherever you find your podcasts.

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Phone: 1800 543 772
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Catch up on the latest episodes

Thu 26 May 2016

32 mins
Featured the following interviews

Robin Barker takes on mighty toddlers

Toddlers are so cute with their pudgy little fingers, soft full cheeks and pouty little lips which is lucky because they can also be temperamental, illogical and attention-seeking Find out…
14 mins

Caregivers versus bread-winners: understanding both sides

Staying at home with a baby or small child all day is very different to being at work. What can you do if your partner just doesn’t get how hard…
15 mins

Wed 25 May 2016

31 mins
Featured the following interviews

James Valentine's fearless book for boys

Besides being a much-loved ABC local radio presenter,  James Valentine is also a multi-tasking musician, author and father-of-two His latest book, Stuff Happens: Luke, talks directly to young boys about feeling the…
15 mins

Tue 24 May 2016

32 mins
Featured the following interviews

Crinkling: current affairs curated for kids

Crinkling News is the only national newspaper for young Australians, covering current affairs in a child-friendly way Today, editor Saffron Howden talks us through some of the topics in Crinkling's…
9 mins

Walter Martin on finding his true self through music for kids

The album We’re All Young Together was played a lot when Kinderling first launched. It was Walter Martin's first foray into a solo career and the indie rocker says…
10 mins

The inspiration behind Kate Temple's "I Got This Hat"

Author Kate Temple loves a good hat. She wrote a book with her husband, Jol Temple, called I Got This Hat, and it will be read by hundreds of thousands…
12 mins

Mon 23 May 2016

29 mins
Featured the following interviews

Teething, clingy toddlers and can you ever leave baby home alone?

18-month molars causing your toddler grief? Or perhaps your little one's clingy after gaining new-found independence? Mothercraft Nurse Chris Minogue brings 30 years of experience to these challenges and answers…
13 mins

Can reading make you a happier parent?

Susan Elderkin, co-author of The Novel Cure, doesn't promise to get your baby to sleep at night, but she does believe the books she 'prescribes' will help lighten your…
13 mins

Fri 20 May 2016

32 mins
Featured the following interviews

Cool cookbooks for kids

Getting kids involved in the kitchen can be a fun way to get the cooking (and washing up) done, but where do you start and what age is best to…
11 mins

Introducing Teddy, the transgender bear

"In my heart, I've always known that I'm a girl teddy, not a boy teddy," said Thomas. "I wish my name was Tilly, not Thomas.” Author Jessica Walton wrote Introducing
13 mins

Thu 19 May 2016

29 mins
Featured the following interviews

Caring for premature babies and their parents

Leaving your baby behind at the hospital when they're born pre-term can be one of life's toughest experiences. Midwife Cathryn Curtin has delivered over 10,000 babies in the last 40…
14 mins

Living the nomadic life with kids

Saman Shad is a journalist who's had three babies on three different continents. Saman talks us through travelling with tiny babies and toddlers, and explains what it's like bringing up…
13 mins