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Looking for Kinderling Conversation? Our awesome show for parents and carers has had an exciting make-over!

You'll now find Kinderling Conversation under a brand new name, Feed Play Love.

While the show is no longer being played on the Kinderling Kids Radio airwaves you can still find brand new episodes and interviews under the new name wherever you get your podcasts.

Feed Play Love is a bite-sized parenting podcast that puts expert advice and real-life stories in your pocket and hosted by mum-of-two, Shevonne Hunt.

Finding time for yourself with young children is a challenge, so interviews are easily accessible with each segment kept short so time-poor parents can easily get what they need, no matter how little ‘me-time’ they have.

Episodes cover everything from practical tips on weaning and managing toddler tantrums, to keeping relationships strong. Feed Play Love is all about helping parents thrive, not just survive.

Find Feed Play Love wherever you find your podcasts.

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Catch up on the latest episodes

Tue 10 May 2016

31 mins
Featured the following interviews

Crinkling: explaining the election to kids

Saffron Howden, the editor of Crinkling, the only national newspaper for young Australians, discusses covering the election when your readers aren’t old enough to vote Saffron talks us…
12 mins

How mindful parenting can change your life

When your little one has a momentous tanty, how do you respond? Dr Hayley Watson and Jaimie Bloch from MindMovers Psychology discuss their mindful approach to parenting and share some great…
17 mins

Mon 9 May 2016

27 mins
Featured the following interviews

Swearing, squabbling and rugging up for winter

Today on Kinderling Helpline, Mothercraft Nurse Chris Minogue talks us though stopping little devils from dropping the F-bomb. Also, how to balance sibling rivalry between an 18-month-old and a five-year-old…
8 mins

What first aid skills do parents need?

Sarah Hunstead from CPR Kids worked in emergency paediatrics for 14 years, so she knows what kind of things are worthy of hospital treatment. She also knows the best and safest…
15 mins

Fri 6 May 2016

31 mins
Featured the following interviews

How Motherhood has changed in Australia

Do Mums today have a different approach to parenting than their Mums before them? Associate Professor Helen Proctor from Sydney University says that while mothering could be more “intense” today…
9 mins

Why baby showers need to be “Mummy” showers

When a child is born, so is a mother. That’s according to Ayurvedic Post-Partum Doula Julia Jones. She’s looked at how lots of different cultures support new Mums immediately…
14 mins

Thu 5 May 2016

32 mins
Featured the following interviews

Mother's Day treats kids can bake

Stuck for gift ideas this Mother’s Day? Why not give her a foodie treat? That way, kids get to bake in the kitchen with a grown-up while Mum puts her…
10 mins

The darker side of the "mumpreneur" phenomenon

The word “mumpreneur” has the successful glow of partnering a brilliant business idea with a happy, balanced family life. But Dr Meraiah Foley found the truth isn’t quite so rosy…
9 mins

Cultural holiday ideas for families

It can be difficult to avoid the trampled tourist trails when you have a holiday somewhere, particularly with kids when the easiest option is the most tempting. Sally Webb
9 mins

Wed 4 May 2016

25 mins
Featured the following interviews

What does the budget mean for parents?

You could be forgiven for thinking we’ve been ignored. The Jobs for Families Childcare Package has been put on hold until July 2018. Samantha Page, CEO of Early Childhood…
11 mins

Things our mothers teach us, with Claire Halliday

What kind of impact can a mother have? Author Claire Halliday explores this in her new book, Things My Mother Taught Me. Through multiple interviews with high-profile Australians, Claire looks…
11 mins

Tue 3 May 2016

29 mins
Featured the following interviews

How to tell if your child is a bully

Many children go through a phase of hitting, pushing and biting, but what do you do if you suspect your child might be turning into the class bully? Karen Miles
11 mins

Yummy seasonal recipes for winter

Our friends at One Handed Cooks are experts on the best tasting winter foods for your families. Allie Gaunt gives us her favourite winter foods, with a couple of recipes…
6 mins