Great podcasts for parents and carers

Looking for Kinderling Conversation? Our awesome show for parents and carers has had an exciting make-over!

You'll now find Kinderling Conversation under a brand new name, Feed Play Love.

While the show is no longer being played on the Kinderling Kids Radio airwaves you can still find brand new episodes and interviews under the new name wherever you get your podcasts.

Feed Play Love is a bite-sized parenting podcast that puts expert advice and real-life stories in your pocket and hosted by mum-of-two, Shevonne Hunt.

Finding time for yourself with young children is a challenge, so interviews are easily accessible with each segment kept short so time-poor parents can easily get what they need, no matter how little ‘me-time’ they have.

Episodes cover everything from practical tips on weaning and managing toddler tantrums, to keeping relationships strong. Feed Play Love is all about helping parents thrive, not just survive.

Find Feed Play Love wherever you find your podcasts.

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Catch up on the latest episodes

Mon 2 May 2016

28 mins
Featured the following interviews

Why work-life balance is like a bath

Kristen Toovey, blogger and working mum-of-two, and Kinderling Conversation host Shevonne Hunt reflect on the constant juggle of motherhood. The pair discuss why "work-life balance" is essentially a misnomer…
9 mins

Travelling tears, grandparent carers and fussy eaters

Every Monday, Mothercraft Nurse and author of Bringing Baby Home Chris Minogue brings her wisdom into the studio to answer your questions. Today Chris shares advice on how to manage…
15 mins

Fri 29 April 2016

27 mins
Featured the following interviews

Kate Ritchie writes an emotional book for her daughter Mae

I Just Couldn’t Wait to Meet You is actor and radio star Kate Ritchie’s first ever picture book for kids. The book, dedicated to Kate's 20-month old daughter, Mae, is…
8 mins

Thu 28 April 2016

28 mins
Featured the following interviews

Why mums in prison need our support

There's a reason some parents are separated from their children. But Linda Fisk from Seeds of Affinity, in South Australia, says that women in prison need to spend more time with their…
11 mins

Wed 27 April 2016

25 mins
Featured the following interviews

How a midwife can change your experience of birth

Midwifery is about putting the mother first. That’s according to Fiona McArthur, a midwife, educator, mother of 5 and author of Aussie Midwives, heartwarming true stories of pregnancy and
14 mins

The Scientific Parent: Do babies have a moral code? And the impact of music on babies

Alice Williamson is a lecturer at Sydney University with a passion for research. In this segment she breaks down the latest scientific news that any sleep deprived parent can digest…
9 mins

Tue 26 April 2016

33 mins
Featured the following interviews

Cold-busting foods to boost your family's immune system

With the colder seasons rolling in, One Handed Cooks' nutritionist and dietitian Jess Beaton advises us on the best flu-fighting foods to eat right now. She also shares easy health-boosting…
13 mins

Yumi Stynes talks sick kids and the daycare dilemma

Is it okay to send your snotty-nosed child to school or daycare? Yumi Stynes, writer, TV presenter and mother-of-four, weighs in on the great parental debate about kids, germs…
12 mins

Mon 25 April 2016

30 mins
Featured the following interviews

Do dads get a bad rap?

We think dads are awesome but we've asked Kinderling dad, Stavros Yiannoukas, to weigh in on the debate about the role of male caregivers. Along the way Stav tackles important household issues…
17 mins

Kinderling Helpline Highlights

Mothercraft Nurse Chris Minogue is away this week so we revisit some of our favourite caller questions. Chris gives advice on everything from a 19-month-old with disrupted sleeping patterns to…
12 mins