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Looking for Kinderling Conversation? Our awesome show for parents and carers has had an exciting make-over!

You'll now find Kinderling Conversation under a brand new name, Feed Play Love.

While the show is no longer being played on the Kinderling Kids Radio airwaves you can still find brand new episodes and interviews under the new name wherever you get your podcasts.

Feed Play Love is a bite-sized parenting podcast that puts expert advice and real-life stories in your pocket and hosted by mum-of-two, Shevonne Hunt.

Finding time for yourself with young children is a challenge, so interviews are easily accessible with each segment kept short so time-poor parents can easily get what they need, no matter how little ‘me-time’ they have.

Episodes cover everything from practical tips on weaning and managing toddler tantrums, to keeping relationships strong. Feed Play Love is all about helping parents thrive, not just survive.

Find Feed Play Love wherever you find your podcasts.

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Phone: 1800 543 772
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Catch up on the latest episodes

Tue 12 January 2016

33 mins
Featured the following interviews

Helping your child transition to 'big school'

Big school can be a huge step for kids. If your child is about to leave you at the gate to hit the handball courts at big lunch, we've got…
33 mins

Mon 11 January 2016

29 mins
Featured the following interviews

Prepping for a second child and choosing the right nappies

Got one child, so the second should be a cinch, right? We wish! Resident baby guru and author Chris Minogue shares terrific tips for bringing home baby number two Plus …
29 mins

Mon 21 December 2015

28 mins
Featured the following interviews

Toddlers and sleep routines

Mothercraft Nurse Chris Minogue gives us her top tips for toddlers and sleep.
9 mins

Petrea King's awesome advice for stressing less this Christmas

Shevonne first discovered Petrea King in her early 20s when she read her book Your Life Matters: The Power of Living Now. Petrea has worked a lot with people suffering…
16 mins

Fri 18 December 2015

29 mins
Featured the following interviews

Marc Fennell talks new Star Wars and interviewing Han Solo

Star Wars fever is engulfing the galaxy right now with the release of the new film The Force Awakens this week (read our spoiler-free review). At the centre of it all is…
14 mins

What we learnt from 2015

As 2015 comes to a close it's easy to look back on the year gone by and think about all those new years resolutions that fell by the wayside, like…
10 mins

Thu 17 December 2015

36 mins
Featured the following interviews

The big Boxing Day blockbusters reviewed

Movie reviewer Evan Shapiro gives us a sneak peak at the big family movies being released this Boxing Day.  
12 mins

Australiana bush bedtime stories from Rolf Svensen

Snowy Mountains based, Rolf Svensen, has been spinning yarns for his son, Karl, since he was an ankle biter seventeen years ago. Yarns that talk of the Australian bush and…
9 mins

Wed 16 December 2015

34 mins
Featured the following interviews

Identifying asthma in your child, with paediatrician Mark Nethercote

Hearing your child have trouble breathing can be a really frightening experience, especially when it’s an ongoing problem. We talk to Paediatrician Mark Nethercote to explain the origins of asthma…
11 mins

Awesome ideas for Christmas food gifts

Forget stocking-fillers, we’re far more interested in tummy-fillers this festive season. We talk to Marie Carr from the Phoodie blog about some great ideas to give your loved ones, including…
8 mins

The latest tech toys for Christmas

Is your tot a techy type? We chat to CNET reporter Lexy Savvides in San Francisco about the best tech toys even we want to play with this Christmas. She…
12 mins