6 inspiring stories from the Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls podcast

Thu 14 May 2020

This week Kinderling has teamed up with Rebel Girls to bring you an extra special Story of the Week!

Join 6 extraordinary women on their adventures in a selection of stories from the Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: The Podcast.

The show is based on the bestselling book series: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, that inspires kids and adults around the world to dream bigger, aim higher, and fight harder.

Rev into the world of motocross champion Ashley Fiolek, who is the youngest woman in history to win the American motocross championship, and she also happens to be deaf. Read by Kealia Ohai.

You'll meet Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, who, after a terrible bus accident, turned to painting. She drew inspiration from nature, animals and Mexican culture and is best-known for her colourful self-portraits. Read by Pamela Adlon.

Jump in the ring with Indian boxer, Mary Kom, who holds eight world medals and is now the most successful boxer out of men and women in the history of World Boxing Championships! Read by Poorna Jagannathan.

Join Grace O'Malley on the high seas! She was one of the most famous pirates of all time and successfully defended her homeland - Ireland. Narrated by Allison Mosshart.

Find out what life was like for American spy, Virginia Hall. She led a life of adventure, had a knack for disguises and had a wooden leg! Narrated by S. Mitra Kalita. 

Learn about Ruth Bader Ginsburg - an American lawyer and Supreme Court Justice whose lifelong mission for equality and justice is to make the world a better place. Read by Priscilla Chan.

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