Goat on a Boat by Nick Dent

Thu 3 October 2019

Said Bill: ‘He’s arrived to eat all our wild oats! We must bar his entry!


‘For if we let one on the island of Joxx,

Then others will follow- they travel in flocks.’

One morning a goat arrives by boat on the harsh island of Joxx, where food is scarce for its sheep inhabitants. Their leader, Bighorn Bill, is cranky and mean and views the goat as a threat to what little food the flock has. Find out what happens in this modern day fable about friendship and sharing written by Nick Dent, illustrated by Suzanne Houghton.

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Read by Nick Dent.

Published by Omnibus Books, an imprint of Scholastic Australia.

Photo credit: Nick Dent photo by Stef Thomas

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