Lenny and the Ants by Jessica Chapnik Kahn

Thu 12 September 2019

Lenny the kangaroo is hungry, but all he can find is a mushy brown banana. Put off by its appearance, he tosses it out, but a few industrious ants pick it up because they know just what to do with it!

Written by Jessica Chapnik Kahn, with fun illustrations by Matthew MartinLenny and the Ants helps us think about food in different, creative ways. It's estimated that one third of all food produced is lost or wasted, so don't forget to check out the recipes at the back of the book to find out what you can make with those floppy carrots in the bottom of the fridge.

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INTERVIEWFind out how this fun and thoughtful children's book came about in Shevonne Hunt's interview with author, Jessica Chapnik Kahn, and CEO of OzHarvest Ronnie Kahn.

Read by Jessica Chapnik Kahn (actor, writer and singer-songwriter). 

Published by OzHarvest.

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