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The Barber at the Harbour by Tom Paterson

The Barber at the Harbour is a tale about sailors, haircuts and music written by Tom Paterson, illustrated by Amy Duncan. Get your own copy of the book…

My Brother is a Beast by Damon Young

This book is a celebration of brothers of all different shapes and sizes, from creative cooks to sciencey siblings and boisterous boys. Buy your own copy of the book by…

The Trouble in Tune Town by Maura Pierlot

Meg is practising for Tune Town's big concert, but the music sounds terrible and the notes fly away....find out what happens in Maura Pierlot's book The Trouble in Tune Town,

The Thank You Dish by Trace Balla

Join Grace and her Mum at the dinner table for The Thank You Dish, a sweet story about gratitude written and illustrated by Trace Balla. Head to Allen &amp…

What if Fruits Were Animals? by Kate Wengier

Imagine if fruits were animals... cheeky monkey cherries swinging through the trees or oranges with tiger stripes prowling through the jungle. Kate Wengier is a family dietition and nutritionist who…

Peanut Monkey Up High by Nicole S Kelly

Peanut Monkey and his sister Blossom decide to climb a tree. Higher and higher they go, but what happens when they get to the top? This story is about building…