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The week's sport dished up with HG Nelson & Chris Taylor Saturdays 8am to 10am

After a stunning Grand Final, HG Nelson and Chris Taylor have wrapped for 2016. Don't fret, while they soak in the hot tub, you can soak up all the highlights below.


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Ep #12 Mozzie-proofing Rio, AC Milan Haka bungle, and young hockey star, Lola Dorman

Chris Taylor is back in the chair with HG to bring you their take on the upcoming Rio Olympics with the torch relay under way. Also, Hockey NSW Coaching Coordinator…

Ep #11 Roy rides again, exporting AFL to China and Don Bradman's bat

With Rampaging Roy subbing in for Chris, the team dissect the Sydney stadium stoush and the AFL's plan to export games to China. Plus they discuss cowboy trainers, Don Bradman's…

Ep #10 Roy & HG: NRL out of control, netball legend Anne Sargeant & inland surf comps

This week architectural visionaries, Roy & HG, reunite over the current state of affairs in NRL. Is the new bunker review system out of control? Plus you heard it here…

Ep #9 HG's athlete of the week, Aussie Olympic uniforms and surf safety in Bellambi

Fashion critics HG Nelson and Chris Taylor weigh in on Australia's Olympic uniforms, are we cutting it in the high fashion stakes or should we incorporate more thongs, Akubras, cork…

Ep #8 Eggcellent Easter highlights & Coaches Catflap

In this special Easter edition of We Was Robbed, imagine your favourite sporting hero in Parliament, cricket in the aisles at Woolies and a world where golf robots dominate the…

Ep #7 Pre-game rituals, DIY skate parks and rugby league star Asher

The boys wrap the sporting highlights from the week, unravelling everything from pre-game rites and superstitions to strongman championships to kids making their own skate parks out of rubbish. Plus…